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Supportive training mates #Nice12

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Favourite moment from #Nice12



Narumi is basically my hero. Mervin is okay, too, I guess <3. Thanks for the gifs miss eggplant:)


Narumi Takahashi & Mervin Tran, K&C after LP | Worlds 2012 [x]

most adorable K&C of all time

Mervin’s scream is amazing. And then Narumi’s jumping. And all the hugging. AND MORE JUMPING!!!!

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Daisuke Takahashi | Worlds 2012 Free Skate - “Blues For Klook”

…Pasquale!!! haha

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Here’s to Akiko’s AMAZING 2011/2012 Season!

3rd at the 2012 World Figure Skating Championships

2nd at the 2011 Japanese National Championships

2nd at the 2011 Grand Prix Final

1st at the 2011 NHK Trophy

2nd at 2011 Skate Canada International

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